Cocktail Pins in the Imbibe Magazine Holiday Gift Guide


Big thanks to Imbibe Magazine for featuring our Cocktail Pins in their holiday gift guide. They are an excellent stocking stuffer for your favorite cocktail lover or bartender.

To celebrate, we'll be including a copy of Imbibe — our favorite magazine about all things quaffable — with all glassware orders from now until Christmas.

xo meg

Seven Deadly Cocktails

Big thanks to Mary Wyatt over at Carpenter Hill — an amazing site full of housewares, jewelry and more all made in the USA — for this series of gorgeous videos inspired by and featuring our Seven Deadly Sins glasses.

The series was directed and edited by Caitlyn Greene, the cocktails designed by Harry McNamara and Max Moore of Two Parts Spirits, and the photography directed by by Nick Perron-Siegel.

Check them out, and you can find all the recipes here! You can get a set of the glasses through Carpenter Hill here.

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Imbibe Magazine Giveaway


Hi, Friends!

I love a Friday GIVEAWAY, don't you?! And I love Imbibe Magazine — it’s a smart, beautifully designed cocktail magazine that’s great for industry folks and cocktail-lovers alike. And we’re giving away a subscription!

To enter, head over to our Instagram feed.

We’ll also be giving away free Holiday issues of Imbibe with all of our glassware orders! While supplies last (I always wanted to say that!).

And there's more! For the month of October, Imbibe is giving $5 of the cost of each magazine subscription to benefit victims of the California wine country wildfires, so it's a great time to subscribe.


Drink Bee's Knees


My friends over at Caledonia Spirits and are pairing up this week for Bee's Knees Week to raise money to save the bees and simultaneously bring awareness to the Bee's Knees cocktail. I remember my first Bee's Knees — at the East Village bar Niagara back in maybe 2001. They had no honey, and we had to run to the bodega to fetch some for them (OMG were we those customers!?).

I love this cocktail for its simplicity. I always have the ingredients in the house, and I love gin. Make one for yourself...


2 oz gin
3/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz honey syrup (1 part honey to 1 part hot water. Cool and use.)
long lemon twist

Shake ingredients with ice, strain, and serve up in a coupe glass. Garnish with lemon twist.


The Art of the Bar


I thought you all might find this project as wry and grotesquely beautiful as I do and enjoy is just as much. Photographer Alyssa Blumstein is a restaurant server in New York City and has been documenting the "slop bucket" behind the bar there during each shift in a series of instagram posts.

She says, "Like many small bars short on space, without room for a dump sink, the restaurant I work at discards customers' drink remains in a bucket behind the bar. When I first began working there years ago, I fell in love (and disgust) with the ever changing beauty of discarded cocktails collected in the slop bucket. Less of a comment on current food and drink photography, and more an extension of it, The Slop Bucket Series was born. Nearly 400 slop buckets later, I still love returning to work and seeing what's waiting for me behind the bar."

When my feed is filled with perfectly styled, gorgeous cocktails, I love the juxtaposition of the gnarly beauty of Alyssa's slop buckets to provide a note of hilarity. Her titles like "I Lost My Manolo Blahniks in the Gowanus Canal slop" and "Advice Column slop" are equally amusing.

xo meg