Who Loves L&V: Kerry Ann Stokes

We're loving talking to the folks who buy our products and learning a little bit about them, but with our latest installment of Who Loves Love & Victory, I learned a little something about the lady who sits next to me in our office. Besides being the ridiculously talented designer behind her eponymous line of (mostly bridal) accessories, Kerry does work for Love & Victory. And she sports her Custom Silhouette Charm of her pup Slug oh so well.


Kerry Ann Stokes



Where do you live?

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Designer + Maker

Which product did you pick? Why?

I chose to get a custom silhouette of my dog Slug, with his name engraved. I love that this necklace is unique to me, and my pup. It feels really special to wear a one of kind piece that is based on the fur-ball-love in my life.

What does your kid think of it?

If by kid you mean my fur-baby... he definitely loves it. 

How would you describe your style?

Casual, colorful, a little bit boho and a little bit sparkly 

Whose style do you stalk?

Bri Emery, of Design Love Fest + Leslie Schneider of Splendid Rags

What’s your most treasured possession?

My collection of photo booth photos from over the years

Worst date?

With a guy who wouldn't stop talking about his ex-girlfriend that dumped him the week before... on his birthday.

First crush?

First grade—a boy named Mike. He kissed me to get even with his best friend that kissed my best friend. 

What’s your ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day?

My man + wine + cheese + bread + chocolate + some tunes

What's your favorite way to spend Saturday morning?

At home making things and being creative with a cappuccino in hand

Coffee or tea?

Tea all week + weekend cappuccino