single serve wine

Single Serve Beverages for your Holiday Weekend

I don't know about you, but this weekend cannot get here soon enough. We've got so much going on around here — a party coming up with Women & Whiskies in June, our first trade show (NY NOW) in August. I'm looking forward to taking much needed and rarely taken time off with my family. We're staying in Brooklyn where I'm sure you'll catch us hanging in the yard, BBQ-ing, beverage in hand. Maybe we'll take a trip to Prospect Park for a picnic or out to Coney Island for the day. And we're planning to take a stab at some demolition of a wall in the house... relaxing, right?!

What in the world do all of these activities have in common, you ask? They could all use a nice, portable, chilled beverage. A beer always does the trick, but I'm not a huge beer drinker, so Kerry and I thought we'd take on the terrible task of trying out some other varieties of single serve beverages for you. You're welcome. And thank you for unknowingly giving us this task.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!


1 / Sofia, Blanc de Blancs, Sparkling Wine

The tiny can and straw are so cute that it almost makes me happy to drink bubbles from a straw. Kerry called it a "celebration in a can." I remember drinking them at a bachelorette party once upon a time. The size is stealthy and perfect for park picnics and ... the playground?! Joking, people. If you like bubbles, they're super fun.

2 / Pampelonne, Red Sangria & Rosé Lime, Sparkling Wine

This packaging is so damn cute that I want to be drinking it poolside. But don't buy the Rosé Lime and say we didn't warn you. It tastes like my kid's popsicle melted in my rosé. Super artificial. We could get down with the Red Sangria flavor. Kind of like a grown up version of the Bartles & Jaymes I drank in high school. Kerry says, "Go for the Sangria and sit next to the guacamole." Sounds like a party to me.

3 / Wölffer, No. 139, Dry Rosé & White, Cider

These bottles are everything. And the bevvies taste as good as they look. I loved the white, Kerry the rosé, so we won't have to fight over them. Just super refreshing, easy drinking. The white's a little sweeter. Summer lovin'. Had me a blast.

4 / Underwood, Pinot Noir

Firstly, this is a half a bottle of wine, folks. So be forewarned that that's my idea of a single serve portion :) Just a super easy drinking nice light Pinot, tastes awesome with a little chill on it. Perfect for picnicking, no glasses necessary. Kerry: "I could drink that." Nuff said.