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Thai Daiquiri

Thai Daiquiri — Cocktail Recipes by Love & Victory

Hello! Well, let's just say that the reports back that folks are actually making these drinks (and enjoying them!) at home just makes my damn day. We have so much fun coming up with them, testing, and photographing, so keep the feedback coming! 

We try to keep them fun and delicious, but also simple enough for lots of you to make without a professional level selection of booze, 'cause hey, between work, a kid, a social life (sorta), making lunches, trying to get a few runs in a week, cooking weeknight dinners, not to mention making something more special when guests come, it gets busy up in this joint, too!

In that spirit (no pun intended), here's a fun one that's a twist on the daiquiri — infusing some kaffir lime leaves into your simple syrup and adding mint leaves. Traditionally used in Thai dishes, kaffir lime leaves give a little different citrus quality: fragrant, a little sweet, citrus-y.  Just posting these photos is making me thirsty. I've been in bed all week, so maybe, just maybe one of these is in my near future! At least, let it be in yours!



2 oz rum
3/4 oz kaffir lime simple
3/4 oz lime juice
lime wheel
8 mint leaves + mint garnish

Muddle mint in bottom of shaker. Add ice and  the remaining ingredients. Shake well and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a lime wheel and mint leaf.

Thai Daiquiri — Cocktail Recipe by Love & Victory

That rum decanter? It's one of our Liquor Decanters :)

Thai Daiquiri — Cocktail Recipe by Love & Victory