Piña Colada

Mother's Day Piña Coladas

You guys, is it freaking spring yet!?!? WTF???? I got a taste of what summer's gonna be like, lounging in the yard all weekend like the lady of luxury that I am, and then...freezing! We've turned the heat off in the house, so we're huddled beneath blankets like a bunch of freaks.

Well, it's Mother's Day this weekend, and I refuse to let all the moms sit around drinking toddies like it's winter or wine like its...every other day of the week. It's time for piña coladas, goddamnit. Cause they make her feel special and taken care of, and almost like she's on the vacation that she really deserves.

Do it. She will love you. More than she already does. They're easy, but they don't look it, so you'll get extra points. Also, they're still good with any old rum, and you know you can pick up a can of cream of coconut and some fresh pineapple cut up at the bodega. No excuses.


Piña Colada

2 1/2 oz light rum
3 oz fresh pineapple cut up in chunks
2 oz cream of coconut
mint leaf

Combine all ingredients (except cherry and mint) with ice in a blender. Blend on high until frothy. Pour into a glass and garnish with cherry and mint.