Bloody Mary Glasses

Bloody Mary Glass Sets are Here!

At long last! Our Bloody Mary Glass sets have arrived, and they are rad!!! It is unbelievably fun for me to come up with these ideas, and it's so exciting when something comes to fruition and is so much like what I envisioned!

I have become SO excited about designing the packaging for our new products, and this is a really great step for us. I felt like these glasses really needed their own carrier, as if you were heading to brunch with them in tow. To our delight, we were able to find both a glassware and box factory in Pennsylvania to work with us on these. We're trying really hard to keep things made in the USA.

Did you see this little scale model that we did of the box to try to envision how it would look? Come on. So cute, right???

Take a look at the set in our shop! They're an awesome host/hostess gift or perfect for a housewarming. Also they are priced at 39 bones so they won't break the bank.

We're also giving away 3 sets on our instagram, so head on over there to enter!