Giveaway: The Art of the Bar Cart


Today, I'm so excited to announce a giveaway of a beautiful new cocktail book written by my friend Ashley Rose Conway, The Art of the Bar Cart. Recently released by Chronicle Books, the tome features a collection of the most beautifully styled, thematic bar carts with corresponding recipes.

Ashley's cocktail blog, Craft + Cocktails is one of my favorites. Her blog and her Instagram feed feature thoughtful and gorgeous drinks, so it's no surprise that she aced this project. The book is all the inspiration you need to trick out your own cart. Just check out these gorgeous photos, and scroll down to enter to win a copy!

Bar_cart_ vodka _125.jpg

To enter...

Head over to my Instagram! Contest ends Friday, Dec 1 at 9 am Eastern.

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The Art of the Bar


I thought you all might find this project as wry and grotesquely beautiful as I do and enjoy is just as much. Photographer Alyssa Blumstein is a restaurant server in New York City and has been documenting the "slop bucket" behind the bar there during each shift in a series of instagram posts.

She says, "Like many small bars short on space, without room for a dump sink, the restaurant I work at discards customers' drink remains in a bucket behind the bar. When I first began working there years ago, I fell in love (and disgust) with the ever changing beauty of discarded cocktails collected in the slop bucket. Less of a comment on current food and drink photography, and more an extension of it, The Slop Bucket Series was born. Nearly 400 slop buckets later, I still love returning to work and seeing what's waiting for me behind the bar."

When my feed is filled with perfectly styled, gorgeous cocktails, I love the juxtaposition of the gnarly beauty of Alyssa's slop buckets to provide a note of hilarity. Her titles like "I Lost My Manolo Blahniks in the Gowanus Canal slop" and "Advice Column slop" are equally amusing.

xo meg

Ladies' Negroni Party Photos

Thank you, thank you, to all the lovely and generous women who came out last night to my Negroni Week event, the Ladies’ Negroni Party in Brooklyn!! Over 50 women ate and drank at my neighborhood favorite, Krupa Grocery.

All proceeds from the night, including our raffle raised money for City Harvest. In a city where we are privileged enough to go out and drink amazing cocktails, folks don’t have enough food. City Harvest helps by reallocating food for supermarkets and restaurants to the hungry. I raise a glass to them.

Here are some photos taken by my friend (and the only man allowed at the event!), Jason Roth. Take special note of the Negroni COOKIES (!) that were made for us by Cookies for a Cause!

If you want to make your own Negronis, you can use the recipes here. And if you'd like to hear about future events, please follow me on Instagram and Facebook and sign up for our mailing list!

Thank you to Krupa Grocery, Dorothy Parker Gin, Campari America, Imbibe Magazine, and Cookies for a Cause for their donations and support. And extra big thanks to my girls, Erin O'Rourke and Alex Golden Flannery, for their hard work and moral support. 

You can still get our Negroni Pins here and help raise even more $$$ for City Harvest. They're backordered but will ship soon!

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A gallery of the Negroni drinkers... ;)

Ladies' Negroni Party

Friends, it's time for a garden party, no!!? It's been almost a year since our Women + Whiskies party, and I want to celebrate Negroni Week with all you ladies.

We'll be drinking Negronis and raising money for City Harvest — an amazing food rescue organization that takes leftover food and redistributes it to soup kitchens, food pantries, and community food programs around NYC — at Krupa Grocery in Brooklyn.

Details and tix are here. Get on it! We've sold over half our tickets already! 


Women & Whiskies Party

Last week, Love & Victory co-hosted a summer cocktail party with Women & Whiskies. We had the BEST weather and drank delicious whiskey cocktails in the garden of Tuffet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Thank you to all of the wonderful, whiskey-loving women who came out to party with us — we loved meeting you!

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with a group of very talented women: Natalie Jacob who wrote the cocktail list (you can find the recipes here if you'd like to try), photographer Amber Gress, Pola of Rosehip Floral, Alicia and her lovely staff from Tuffet — and last but not least, my co-worker and partner in crime & cocktails, Kerry Ann Stokes.

Here are some photos if you'd like to see. If you'd like to find out about future events, please join our mailing list, and we'll keep you in the loop. We had so much fun that I suspect we have more up our sleeve...