New Hand Engraved Stemless Wine Glasses

Mama loves her wine. And by mama, I mean me. It's backyard hangin', rosé sippin' weather finally in Brooklyn, and now I have the perfect glasses to drink from.

These new, floral stemless wine glasses are a modern shape with the hand engraving of the best vintage glasses, and you can find them in our shop here.


Bloody Mary Glass Sets are Here!

At long last! Our Bloody Mary Glass sets have arrived, and they are rad!!! It is unbelievably fun for me to come up with these ideas, and it's so exciting when something comes to fruition and is so much like what I envisioned!

I have become SO excited about designing the packaging for our new products, and this is a really great step for us. I felt like these glasses really needed their own carrier, as if you were heading to brunch with them in tow. To our delight, we were able to find both a glassware and box factory in Pennsylvania to work with us on these. We're trying really hard to keep things made in the USA.

Did you see this little scale model that we did of the box to try to envision how it would look? Come on. So cute, right???

Take a look at the set in our shop! They're an awesome host/hostess gift or perfect for a housewarming. Also they are priced at 39 bones so they won't break the bank.

We're also giving away 3 sets on our instagram, so head on over there to enter!


New Galaxy Glassware

Such a fun time around here — getting in lots of new product, and it's like a crazy warehouse over here! Did you know that we ship all of our product from our Brooklyn studio?

We have a brand new glassware set that's ready just in time for Mother's Day and wedding season: the Galaxy Glassware Set. I have long collected vintage star glassware and so I wanted to make a version inspired by them. Each and every star is hand engraved, and they're made here in the USA, something that we strive really hard to do with our products.

The set has a mixing glass plus two coupe glasses, perfect for mixing up a batch of Manhattans, Martinis, or your favorite cocktail. You can find them here.


Collaboration with Kindred Black

I'm super pleased to show you all a piece that we've been working on for a little while now. It's a handmade ring done in recycled 18K gold and hand engraved with an intricate floral design done in collaboration with Kindred Black.

My dear and talented friends Jennifer Francis and Alice Wells launched their online store, Kindred Black, in the fall. They present the most amazing luxury goods, all made by craftspeople and ethically manufactured in eco-conscious ways. Their taste is impeccable, and the site is beyond gorgeous. You can read more about the company here.

Look at these lovely ladies... ;)

Inspired by some of my favorite Victorian rings, the ring's engraving is just so deep and pretty. We based it on Kindred Black's signature floral, and I just love how it catches the light. Check it out on their site — it would make a pretty rockin' Valentine's gift, no?



New Liberty Print Ice Buckets

I love everything about Liberty prints. They're so expertly designed in amazing colorways. They have history, but somehow always feel relevant. And they're damn cheerful. So we thought we'd cover some ice buckets in some of our favorite prints, to lend some cheer to your bar, as if the prospect of a cocktail isn't smile inducing enough! Now available in our online shop...