Ladies' Negroni Party Photos

Thank you, thank you, to all the lovely and generous women who came out last night to my Negroni Week event, the Ladies’ Negroni Party in Brooklyn!! Over 50 women ate and drank at my neighborhood favorite, Krupa Grocery.

All proceeds from the night, including our raffle raised money for City Harvest. In a city where we are privileged enough to go out and drink amazing cocktails, folks don’t have enough food. City Harvest helps by reallocating food for supermarkets and restaurants to the hungry. I raise a glass to them.

Here are some photos taken by my friend (and the only man allowed at the event!), Jason Roth. Take special note of the Negroni COOKIES (!) that were made for us by Cookies for a Cause!

If you want to make your own Negronis, you can use the recipes here. And if you'd like to hear about future events, please follow me on Instagram and Facebook and sign up for our mailing list!

Thank you to Krupa Grocery, Dorothy Parker Gin, Campari America, Imbibe Magazine, and Cookies for a Cause for their donations and support. And extra big thanks to my girls, Erin O'Rourke and Alex Golden Flannery, for their hard work and moral support. 

You can still get our Negroni Pins here and help raise even more $$$ for City Harvest. They're backordered but will ship soon!

xo meg

A gallery of the Negroni drinkers... ;)