Cherry Baby

Cherry Thyme Cocktail Recipe

"Cherry, baby. She got the way to move me." Well, Neil Diamond lyric or not, this cocktail will move you alright. I was feeling for a cocktail that's a little richer, something with whiskey. I love a super summer-y light drink, but this takes advantage of cherry season when cherries are affordable and perfect. It's still bright but also a little syrup-y and awesome.. 

I love the way the thyme garnish offsets the sweetness, and here I've used my favorite new crescent moon cocktail picks (by Sarah Cecelia, and picked up from the best Washington, DC boutique, Salt & Sundry). Served up in some vintage glassware and shown with our classic bourbon decanter, this is a winner.



2 oz bourbon
6 cherries pitted & halved + 1 for garnish
1/2 oz maple syrup
1/4 oz lemon juice
thyme sprig for garnish

Muddle cherries & maple syrup in bottom of shaker. Add bourbon, lemon juice, & ice. Shake, strain, and serve up with a cherry & thyme garnish. 

Cherry Thyme Cocktail Recipe
Cherry Thyme Cocktail Recipe