Bit By A Fox: An Interview and Brooklyn Outdoor Bar Roundup

Bit By A Fox

I truly get to meet amazing people through my work, and I love to be able to introduce you to some of them. I love reading about cocktails—the culture, recipes, history, the whole nine—so reading along with Prairie Rose's blog, Bit by a Fox, is a no brainer for me. She's a fellow Brooklynite and a "booze blogger" who chronicles her experiences in the New York City cocktail world. Bit by a Fox received Saveur Magazine's Reader's Choice Award for Best Cocktail Blog of 2014—less than a year after it was inaugurated. 

Prairie's Instagram feed makes me feel like a total loser (I blame my child). I love to go out, but Prairie, you have such a fab life, girl, drinking cocktails all about town and all around the world! In the photo above, she's in Iceland with Martin Miller Gin, checking out the Blue Lagoon. It's part of her first episode of Wanderlush, a show she's creating with content at the intersection of travel, drinking culture, and style.  I can't wait to see more.

Read on for a little interview with Prairie Rose, her recommendations for where to get your outdoor drinking on before this glorious summer comes to a close, but first a little taste of her life, courtesy of Instagram.


PS: check out an interview Prairie did with me on her blog today. And head to her Instagram for a Love & Victory glassware giveaway! She's even giving out a cocktail syrup and recipe designed just for you! Score.

What are you working on now that you’re excited about? 

This was my first year at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans and it was epic. It's the largest cocktail conference in the world and I've been wanting to go for years. It's already been a month and I'm just starting to post coverage! It's been fun to re-live it all again.

I'm super excited about my collaboration with photographer Rose Callahan for our "Bartender Style" project. It's a photo series featured on the blog once a month and since we started last April, we've been able to shoot and feature some incredible talent, style, and spaces. I can't wait to share what's next! 

And, I'm also pretty psyched about a future co-hosting gig with boozy babe Emily Wells from Gastronomista—this year's Saveur Magazine Best Cocktail Blog. Emily and I will be hosting a variety of live streaming cocktail segments around Manhattan and Brooklyn for Al Roker Entertainment. We're all dipping our toes into this live streaming content world and drinking hard alcohol on camera in real time seems like a good way to start, right?! Look out for dates and times for these boozy segments in the next week or so on the Bit by a Fox blog.

And, Wanderlush. This is a web series that I'll be launching in the fall that will merge my love of travel, style and foreign libations! We'll be discovering a local culture through the glass. The first stop is Iceland!

What are the easiest parts of what you do? The most challenging?

While it can be exhausting, I actually love how social my work with Bit by a Fox can be. I really like connecting with people, discovering how I can align what I'm doing with others and creating projects that come from those connections. Like this!

Because my work can be so social, the work/life balance thing can be challenging. I have a difficult time shutting off. There's always so much to do! But, it's necessary for my health and well being, as well as those close to me, to take a break.

What’s your dream project?

I love telling stories. My background is in theater and performing and I studied film making here in New York. But I have only recently gotten into writing regularly because of the blog. And I love how it's given me an outlet for telling so many different stories, whether it's about places I've visited, things I've tasted, experts and makers in the spirits world that I've met, or brands that I think deserve recognition. I really like to discover new things, meet inspiring people and then share my findings! I think Wanderlush could potentially be my dream project, since I'll be able to combine my experiences and merge a lot of my interests. Ultimately, my dream project is creatively fulfilling and meaningful...and fun! 

Summer’s almost over. Boo hoo. I love a classic NYC dark, cozy, underground bar, but before we all hide away for the winter, can you tell me about your bucket list of outdoor Brooklyn bars?

I can't believe it's almost Labor Day. You're reminding me of all the places I need to take advantage of while it's still beautiful out! There are SO many. Here's but a few...


The Flatbush Farm Bar(n) — one of my favorite outdoor spaces in Brooklyn. I've spent many a birthday and celebration in that backyard. I need to get there and have a Garden Snake cocktail before it gets cold!

Bar Chord — This bar is steps from my apartment and is so chill, it feels like you're hanging in someone's backyard. They are also cool when I ask them to make an Aperol Spritz.

Lavender Lake — This Gowanus bar has a huge backyard, solid cocktail list, and some of the best brussels sprouts in the city. 

Leyenda — Clover Club's Julie Reiner and Ivy Mix (recently named American Bartender of the Year at Tales of the Cocktail) have joined forces to open this incredible Latin American cocktail bar. The small plates are delicious, their cocktail program is impeccable and their backyard is dreamy. I wish I lived just a little closer!

Maison Premiere — The interior of this bar is so beautiful, you almost forget there is a magical garden in the back. One of my favorite activities in life is eating oysters under twinkly lights with a bubbly cocktail nearby. This garden pretty much fulfills all of those desires

Loosie's Kitchen — This is the brand new outdoor extension of Loosie Rouge, which also includes delicious NOLA inspired eats. The outdoor space, under the Williamsburg Bridge actually feels like your Southern California boho dreams come to life. Get the Plantain Slushie and thank me later!

Greenwood Park — G&Ts over Bocce Ball. Nuff said.