Drink of the summer? The Caipirinha

Dare I say it? I think I've found found my drink of the summer! Or maybe just July? Why get declarative?

All I know is that Caipirinhas are simple as hell to make, have 3 ingredients that I usually have around, and are delicious as all get out. Grab yourself a bottle of Cachaça—a very reasonable Brazilian spirit made of distilled sugarcane juice (it's sort of a cousin to rum)—some limes, and sugar, and get mixing. It's the non-recipe recipe: my favorite kind. Like it sweeter? Add a little simple syrup. More tart? A squeeze more lime. 

Report back, please!


makes 1

1/2 lime, cut in wedges
1-1/2 T sugar
3 oz Cachaça

Put sugar in a tumbler. Add lime wedges. Muddle to combine and start dissolving the sugar. Add ice to fill the glass (crushed is a nice touch). Top with Cachaça. Give a stir, and serve. Add a lime wedge or wheel if you like.