A Father's Day Interview with Willy

It's almost Father's Day, folks. Just 9 days to go! So I thought I'd feature an ode to one of the fathers who matters most in my life, my husband and the stellar pops to Louella, Willy Schwenzfeier.

Here's some pics of Willy and his mini-me. And some musings on fatherhood from the man himself...

Happy Father's Day, Wills!



Willy Schwenzfeier




Designer, web programmer, design educator

Where you live

Brooklyn, NYC

Fave L&V product?

Seven Deadly Sins Glasses, no question.

Fave cocktail?

Although I'll always have a soft spot for my longtime go-to, the Rob Roy, I've kinda put it through its paces, and have perhaps tired of it a little. Now that we're swinging into summer, I'll go with an Aviator (which I call it to annoy you, and what everyone else on the planet calls an Aviation).

Fave thing to do with Louella?

Father/daughter dinner out. Telling stories. Trying to answer the infinite why's. 

What's your ideal Father's Day consist of?

Easy. Breakfast with family at Chavela's. Then hanging with family in the backyard, maybe BBQing later for dinner.

What do you wish someone told you about being a parent?

That the hardest part about it is trying to do it in concert with your partner.

How has being a dad changed you?

Jason Kottke once said something along the lines that after you become a parent, it's not that you don't do anything anymore, but that you now do different things. I like that attitude. And I'm up earlier haha.