Ashley Rose Conway of Craft + Cocktails

I love getting to know the tippling women of the internet through Love & Victory. Kerry and I work from my home office, and while we have each other to bounce ideas off of, and we're always excited about what we're designing and mixing up, it's been incredibly encouraging to feel the virtual support of other like-minded ladies.

Among them is Ashley Rose Conway. She's a multi-talented woman—writing, styling, and crafting shoots for blogs like Oh Happy Day and  Apartment 34, wearing many hats for  Makeshift Society and producing her own cocktail pieces for Sugar & Cloth & Jojotastic. Did I mention that she's a Piñata maker, too!?! Awesome. 

Ashley just started her own blog, Craft + Cocktails that I'm loving, so I thought you all might, too. 

Ashley was kind enough to do a little interview with me. It's making me want to go visit pals in San Francisco and have some cocktails.

And there's a recipe from Craft + Cocktails for a Negroni Float, because while Negroni week is over, our summer days drinking Negronis are not. And why not combine two of my favorite things: ice cream and cocktails? Killing two birds with one stone, people.


Where do you live?

I live in Hayes Valley In San Francisco. It is near so many amazing restaurants and bars so I can do some industry *ahem* research!

You’ve worn a lot of business hats for a bunch of cool companies. Can you describe how that led you to starting your own blog?

I have been surrounded by so many supportive, strong, and bad ass business ladies through my different jobs. I have seen how they have managed their own businesses and I have taken something from each of them and try applying that to how I approach my work and blog. They have all taken many chances with starting their own companies and blogs which was inspiring and made me not as apprehensive to start my own. When running a lifestyle site, you have to wear many hats to keep it going (photographer, stylist, recipes tester, marketer, social media guru, etc.) so having practice in many roles has helped me prepare for this. It's nice to know I have some great mentors and friends to go to in hard times/when I'm ready to pull out my hair if I ever need it!

What’s your fave drinking hole in SF? Fave date night cocktail?

My favorite place to grab a drink, wow! That's a hard one! In a city such as SF that is often at the forefront of cocktail culture, there are so many to pick from. Benjamin Cooper is a nice, cozy bar that's has speakeasy vibes without the kitsch that goes along with those type of places (no password necessary.) I have to stop myself from drinking every cocktail they have when I go! Their menu is very inventive and always changing because the owners are often tending bar and experimenting so they add to and tweak their cocktails weekly. 

I also love Smuggler's Cove for some good tiki drinks! I was raised on tiki drinks with my rum loving father so this treehouse/tropical oasis reminds me of home.

For a date night, Bar Agricole is amazing. They have the most gorgeous space and their cocktails never disappoint! They also have some delicious food so we just sit at the bar and grab some drinks & apps and gaze longingly into each other's eyes. Just kidding, we are probably too busy scarfing down oysters! 

Do you and your husband like the same cocktails? What’s the cocktail you most agree upon?

We do often like the same drinks, which is great when we go out. When trying to decide between 2 cocktails to get, he will choose one of them so I can get the other and then we share. 

As far as our favorites, they vary. He definitely loves gin martinis up but I'm more of a bourbon Old Fashioned girl. I also really enjoy a properly made Mai Tai with aged rum and real orgeat syrup and he likes something called the Turf cocktail which has gin, dry vermouth, maraschino liqueur, absinthe, citrus bitters, and lemon peel.




makes 1


  • 1 cup good quality vanilla ice cream (such as Tillamook)
  • 1/2 tsp ground juniper berries
  • Negroni syrup (directions below)
  • 6 oz blood orange soda
  • 1 1/2 oz Gin (such as Hendricks)
  • 1/2 oz Campari


Mix the ground juniper berries into softened vanilla ice cream. Refreeze until hard. Add gin, Campari, and blood orange soda into glasses. Scoop 1/2 cup – 1 cup of the juniper berry ice cream into the glasses, drizzle with Negroni syrup. Insert nostalgia here and enjoy!