The looks of this cocktail alone are enough to make me happy. Kerry and I were mixing them up ooo-ing and aaaah-ing over how pretty the color is with that snowy, salty rim. I suspect if you mix these up for guests, they'll be doing the same. The mix of sweet, tart, sour and salty really works for me.

I've been training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon—4 weeks to go! So that's put a damper on my imbibing. But It's supposed to be 75 degrees in Brooklyn tomorrow, so maybe I'll give them a whirl in the backyard in the afternoon after my long run. I hope you'll give them a try, too!



Blood Orange Margarita

2 oz tequila blanco
2 oz fresh blood orange juice
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz Cointreau
splash simple syrup
salt for rim

Coat glass rim with lime juice. Dip in salt. Shake ingredients with ice. Strain over ice in salt rimmed glass. Garnish with a wheel of blood orange.