For parties at the house—or something to bring along to friends' parties—we love to prepare a special cocktail. Sometimes when the party's at our place, we mix them one by one, but it sort of goes against one of my tenets of entertaining: do as much as possible ahead of time! Also, I feel like it's so nice for guests to be able to refill their own drinks without having to ask the host for more. Our parties frequently get a little saucy. Can you tell??

So I've been using our Ours Decanter and mixing up a batch of something I think everyone would enjoy. On Saturday night, we did Margaritas to go with this amazing Ropa Vieja recipe from Saveur. I generally find that the decanter holds enough cocktails for a boozy crowd of 6 adults.

Here's a few recipes we've batched out recently if you'd like to try, and following is how to figure out the proportions for a cocktail of your choosing! Bottoms up!



Here's how to figure out a cocktail of your choosing...


So to put that in action, let's pick something simple, like a Negroni. It's equal parts Gin, Sweet Vermouth, and Campari. So... let's say we're mixing up a batch of Negronis in the Love & Victory Ours Decanter...