Mother's Day Cocktail Recipe Spring Punch Recipe

Mother's Day is coming up on May 10th, and what better way to show your favorite mama some love than to mix her a pretty brunch punch? We searched for just the right—not to saccharinely sweet one—and amazingly, this grapefruity beauty from a NYC bar we love, Death & Co., came to light with the perfect name to boot! 

We, of course, recommend serving it to her in one of our hand engraved Mother Decanters!

Mother's Ruin Punch

Adapted from Death & Co.: Modern Classic Cocktails

8 white sugar cubes
2 oz club soda
4 oz Plymouth dry gin
2 oz cinnamon orange tea-infused sweet vermouth (recipe to follow)
4 oz grapefruit juice
2 oz lemon juice
3 oz dry Champagne

Garnish: grapefruit wheels (halved)

In a pitcher, muddle the sugar cubes with club soda until the sugar is fully broken up. Add the gin, infused sweet vermouth, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, and fill the pitcher 3/4 full with ice cubes. Stir until cold, then strain into a decanter. Pour into glass with large ice cube and top with champagne and a grapefruit wheel. 

Cinnamon Orange Tea-Infused Sweet Vermouth

Combine 3 tea bags of cinnamon-orange tea (we used Harney & Sonswith 750 ml of Carpano Antica Formula sweet vermouth, and stir well. Let stand at room temperature for 1 hour and 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove tea bags. 

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