Who Loves L&V: Meagan Coomber

Meagan_Coomber Birdling Bag

Up next in our Who Loves L&V series, is a designer whom I admire, Meagan Coomber of Birdling Bags. She and her partner, Courtney, design stylish and practical travel bags that are perfect for moms—or anyone really. When I had Louella, I was so disappointed to see that so many bags intended for moms were dowdy and unstylish. Birdling has nailed the bag that has style and function and is perfectly understated.

Meagan's a mother of three, and it always makes me happy to see another self-employed mother making it work. Plus, she's from my home state of New Jersey, so fist bumps for that.


Meagan Coomber



Where do you live?

Montclair, NJ


Co-Founder of Birdling Bags

Which product did you pick? Why?

I love ALL the products and have gifted the decanter set a few times for weddings, but for my house I chose the silhouettes. Profiles have always stood the test of time. I can remember doing them in first grade!

What do your kids think of them?  

My kids love the profiles and keep asking me when I am going to get my youngest son Harry's done.

How would you describe your style?  

Modern and relaxed.  

Whose style do you stalk?

Jessie Randall and Alexa Chung—I could look at Loeffler Randall all day long and often stalk images of Alexa online. Also Marlien Rentmeester—she's another one i love to look at because she often pairs an affordable piece in her looks.

Most regrettable fashion choice?

Ugh—there are so many! Tie-dye overalls?

What's your favorite way to spend Saturday Morning?

Making breakfast with a great album playing and a walk to the local farmers market for flowers and donuts with the kids and our huge mutt, Sampson.

Secret recipe breakfast of champions?

My least favorite meal of the day!  I rarely have more than coffee :)

A random fact people don’t know about you?  

I know every word to the Da Art of Storytellin' :)

What are you first on speed dial for amongst your friends?  

Probably to commiserate about various parental mishaps. I'm always good for a worse story that makes you feel better about your own parenting.

Next on your reading list?

I read more articles these days than I do books, but my husband has been begging me to read A Moveable Feast for quite some time so that will be next.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. A lot of it.

Last cocktail you had? With whom?

In Montclair with my friend Zoe.

Item you’d never part with?

Wedding band my mom passed down for me

Biggest peeve?  

Loud chewing and humble brags

Biggest indulgence?

SoulCycle although not as frequently as I'd like