Goodness knows that I've been itching for a bar cart for-ev-er. A complete indulgence, for sure, and so hard to justify. Except for how USE-ful it would be. "Just think how many trips to the kitchen we'd save, Willy." Not sold.

But we've been making our hand engraved Liquor Decanters and loving them, and damnit, I needed a place to KEEP them.

So we sprung for this sweet Josef bar cart from West Elm. It looks kind vintage and Bauhaus, and I loved how light it felt for being a really good size. And then we made a whole slew of engraved decanters—each with the name of different liquors and cocktail ingredients in all different sizes—everything from Gin to Rum, Sweet & Dry Vermouths, Grenadine, Lime Juice.

I love how the light comes through all of the different colors of booze, and how easy it is for guests to help themselves mid-party without leaving the action.

It's a dream come true.


ps: We don't offer all of the decanters shown for sale, but if you want a custom set made, just get in touch!