Who Loves L&V: Erin O'Rourke

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Today on the blog is an interview with one of my oldest and dearest friends in New York and the original Love & Victory cheerleader, Erin O’Rourke.

We worked together at one of our first jobs in New York at Dieu Donné where she was the Gallery Director and I ran the papermaking studio. She wandered into the gallery one day, we hit it off immediately, and the rest is history. 15 years, and between us — many jobs, 2 weddings, and 4 kids — we’re lucky enough to live in neighboring ‘hoods in Brooklyn and still be great pals.

This girl is the miracle mom to 3 kids — Sadie (almost 6), Miles (3), and Reed (1). She juggles them with serious aplomb, style and grace. She’s pretty much the funniest girl I know and keeps it real, always having a hysterical story to tell about the antics in her household.

And without further ado, Erin O’Rourke, one of the coolest ladies in Brooklyn.




Erin O'Rourke



Where do you live? 

Park Slope, Brooklyn


Stay at home mom

Which product did you pick? 

Baby Name Rings

What do your kids think of them? 

I had no idea so I asked them.

Sadie (age 5)  "Cool and good and I love them."

Miles (age 3)  "Ah I don't know." "Nevermind." 

Reed (age 1)  No comment

How would you describe your style? 

Struggling. Ha. It's pretty simple these days. Jeans, sweater and some booties. If I have lipstick on its a good day.

Whose style do you stalk? 

I love the ladies of Brooklyn. From the women walking to the subway heading to the city to the moms on the playground.  I love Jessie Randall's style. She always looks so stylish but effortless. And Maryanne Moodie, belted Pendleton type blanket over pregnant belly — so good. 

What's your favorite way to spend Saturday Morning? 

Favorite? Sleeping in, but I'm in a run club and we meet every Saturday morning at 8:15am. So I literally hit the ground running every Saturday. It's such a great group of ladies. We can chat and get advice, etc. while we are getting our work out in. Plus, most of us are training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May which is so awesome but I'm definitely scared. EEK.

Coffee or tea? 

Coffee. All day erryday.

Fave jeans? 

I want to say J Brand or some other fancy type, but sadly I'm usually wearing Old Navy or Gap.


It's so trendy right now but my husband and I are loving Moscow Mules. So good.

Item you’d never part with? 

Honestly, my Baby Name Rings. I love them so much. But one day I'd like to give each kid their ring. But I'm talking when they get married...

Most regrettable fashion choice? 

I was obsessed with Soleil Moon Frye from Punky Brewster and I had a sweatshirt with the shows logo. I never wanted to take it of. Oh and white eyeliner. Not good.

Can’t live without? 

Mayo. Yeah, I said it!