Who Loves L&V: Rachel Gladfelter

On this gray, slushy day in New York City, check out our pal, Rachel Gladfelter, looking all sunny and relaxed in Tulum. Goodness. I bet she'd love to be back there now.

Rachel's had our Custom Silhouette Charms – of her grandmothers back in Pennsylvania, Ruthanna & Janet – almost since Love & Victory's inception, and she wears them sweetly almost every day.


Rachel Lynn Gladfelter



Where do you live?

Gowanus, Brooklyn


Director at Pace Prints, Pie-maker on the side

Which product did you pick? Why?

I chose two custom silhouettes of my grandmothers, with their names, Janet and Ruthanna, engraved.  This idea was at the suggestion of the talented Meg Moorhouse, who knows how much they mean to me.  I love to wear them; I always have a piece of home with me.

What do your grandmothers think of your charms?

They got a real tickle out of them.  They are flattered, though Ruthie has revealed that she has never really liked her profile...but, she's just being self-deprecating.  They're both gorgeous.

How would you describe your style?

Farm girl meets city chic.  I generally like to keep it pretty effortless and basic, as I can be a bit of a spaz.

Whose style do you stalk?

Alexa Chung, Clemence Poesy.  

Worst date?

It wasn't the worst but I do think it's my most -worth-mentioning: I went on a date with a progressive puppeteer.  That's a thing.  

Best date?

Renting scooters in Mexico with my boyfriend, Erik.  We drove them all over the place, up highways and back dirt roads to a cenote where we swam in the caves.  We ended the day by going to Hartwood in Tulum for one of the best meals ever, then rode the scoots back to the cabana.

What’s your morning routine?  

Hit the snooze a couple of times.  Slowly drag myself to the shower.  I'm a total sucker for long showers.  Once I have a coffee, I'm ready to hop on the subway to Chelsea & read for 45 minutes. Bring it, world!

Last supper?

Um.  A homemade cinnamon bun.  I was experimenting with a recipe...I swear, I ate a healthy lunch.

Most prized possession?

The friendship ring my Dad gave my Mom close to 40 years ago.  It's got this gorgeous etched braid in the gold band & a great setting making the diamond look bigger than it is. Smart move & don't worry, the diamonds got bigger from there.  She did just fine:)

You have Mondays off when the gallery is closed. What’s your favorite way to spend the day?

Usually Monday morning is spent catching up on housework & work emails, but I love having a latte, baking something & then heading into the pottery studio for the rest of the day.  It's so gratifying making things.

How do you want 2015 to be different than 2014?

I want to create a new morning routine!  I'd like to get to the gym before work.  It always makes me feel better, and despite me knowing this is so hard to do.  Why is that?