Thank you to the many, many friends who came out yesterday to support Sadie & Lou's lemonade stand to benefit their friend, 3-1/2 year old Ava, who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia (read more about her story here).

Friends and strangers alike were so touched and so supportive of the stand that the total haul was $438!!! Those were some expensive cups of lemonade. 

Many of you—probaby 40 people—were kind enough to agree to match the girls' earnings. Of course, that's just silly. No one thought a kids' lemonade stand would bring in so much dough. Please donate what you wish using the Paypal button below (you can pay with a credit card or your PayPal account). All of the money will go directly to Ava's family. Every little bit is helpful.

Thank you. Even just the amazing turnout was so heartening. Brooklyn is full of good friends.

xo meg & erin